News from Run!

News from Run!

Residential pick-up rules

Pre-approval for residential pick-up is required! Additional fees apply.

Residential pick-up/Drop-Off Times:

The time of pick-up will range between 7am and 9am, and the time of drop-off will range from 3pm to 5pm. Our transportation schedules vary daily so please expect us to arrive at anytime in those windows.

Access to Residence:

If you have arranged to have Run! pick up and drop off your dog at your residence or office, then you must provide Run! with the appropriate access. Our preferred method is a lock box with a code, garage codes, or coded entry systems. You acknowledge and agree that Run! may enter onto the designated property to pick up or drop off your dog, and you hereby release and agree to hold Run! harmless for any damages you or others may suffer as a result of Run! personnel entering the property to pick up or drop off your dog. If you provide Run! with keys, instead of a code, then you acknowledge and agree that you will provide Run! with multiple copies of the key/s. (One set for each Run! vehicle)


Run! has a policy of not returning keys, and regularly purges its key collection for those clients that have not used Run! services in the last six months. If your keys are purged, then you may be required to provide Run! with additional copies of the key. You are solely responsible for ensuring that garage doors, key-coded entry pads, and any other electronic access device are operational and have sufficient battery life or electricity access.

Camp Shuttle Service To Your Residence:

If we are unable to pick up or drop off your dog at your house., an additional charge of $20 per day applies to any alternative arrangements that need to be made due to lack of access to your home. In addition, there will also be a $20 fee for every ten-minute period that the Run! shuttle is held up waiting or making other arrangements for your dog. This fee will be assessed starting five minutes after our inability to access your residence, and will be assessed again after 15 minutes and after 25 minutes. After 5 minutes, we may leave your residence, and you will be charged for the full services requested, including all late fees. If you are unable to meet the shuttle at the one of the designated meeting times/locations determined by Run!, you will be responsible for any additional transportation and overnight lodging fees.

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