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Run! Day Camp for Dogs is a unique, off-leash experience designed to let your dog live life to the fullest.

We are hiking buddies, fitness trainers, and shepherds all rolled into one. We believe that exercise, socialization, and mental stimulation in a natural outdoor environment can transform a dog’s life. Everyday we see it happen in our pack. We work with clients (as well as many veterinarians) to help make positive changes in dogs energy levels, physical health, and state of mind.

That’s right, we come to you.

  • Schedule to meet a Run! shuttle at one of our convenient meeting locations/times.
  • For an additional fee utilize our door-to-door service and we will pull up curbside at your home or office. (Please double check that you are inside of our service area.)
  • Our customized dog shuttles are one of a kind, climate-controlled, safe, and comfortable. Our vehicles supersede all canine transportation needs.

The adventure begins once everyone is on board.

  • We drive the Run! vans out to our private farm property with 18 acres (over 784,000 square feet) of fenced forest.
  • Fresh air and hiking trails offer a break from the city and a sweet taste of the country life.
  • The dogs run off-leash and play as a pack under the constant supervision of our devoted handlers. Every dog gets to exercise at their own pace and special needs are catered to.

At the end of the day.

  • Every dog gets a warm water rinse, a towel dry, and then it’s back to Portland where they are returned home to you, very happy and tired.
  • Of course we love having furry friends stay with us 24/7, and our bunkhouse is full of comfy couches and dog beds for overnight campers.
  • Bunkhouse reservations fill up fast, so make sure to plan ahead! Learn more about our bunkhouse here.

Benefits of Run! Day Camp for Dogs

  • Socialization for your dog
  • Increased fitness/Weight Loss
  • Calm demeanor
  • Better listening/Less destructive
  • Guilt free time for you to work or have fun