News from Run!

News from Run!

Please Note

Due to increased costs of fuel and labor, Run! must make the following price adjustments:

Effective March 14: Day Camp $50/day (second dog $45)

Effective March 14: Door to door service $15 per occurrence ($30 for both pick up and drop off)

Effective April 1: Boarding $70/night (second dog $65)

Thank you for your understanding and your patronage of Run!


Note: For Approved Clients Only. New to Run? Please Apply Online first. Unapproved requests will NOT be scheduled.

  • All scheduling requests for Dog Day Camp and Boarding must be submitted using our online system.
  • Any queries made on our online system are only a request.
  • Run! must contact you by email to confirm your request before the appointment is finalized.
  • If you do not hear from Run! within 24 hours please resubmit (don’t forget to check your spam folder).
  • Please review all Dog Day care and Boarding requirements on the FAQ Page prior to submitting a request.
  • We do not accept any beds, blankets, food bowls, food containers, glass containers, leashes or toys from home, as we are fully equipped.

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Recurring days of the week (this schedule will start on the day you entered in request 1 above)