FAQs Dog Sitter and Boarding Services at Run! near Portland, OR
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FAQ Run! Day Camp for Dogs



Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions we get about our dog camp and dog sitter services. If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please Contact Us.

Day Camp Requirements

  • Safety is our first priority. Run! requires all dogs be on leash while in transit from the Run! vehicle to your house, office or vehicle. This is for the safety of your dog, our handlers, and third parties. Run! will provide that leash.
  • A proper fitted martingale collar with an identification tag on it. (we highly recommend microchipping as well)
  • Appropriate access to your residence if you qualify for our door to door service. (please see Access to Residence in the Service Agreement for details)
  • A monthly heart worm preventative, or a heart worm test yearly
  • Vet administered Lepto vaccine is recommended
  • Up to date required vaccines: DHP, Rabies, Bordatella
  • Fecal test every 6 months (BOTH parasite AND giardia elisa )
  • Monthly flea and tick preventative
  • All dogs be spayed/neutered by the age of 7 months

Bunkhouse Requirements

  • Your pet’s food in a sealable, plastic zip lock bag with your dog’s name on it
  • A proper fitting martingale collar with your & your dogs information on it
  • A monthly heartworm preventative
  • parasite and giardia elisa fecal test every 6 months
  • Vet administered Lepto vaccine is recommended
  • Up to date required vaccines: DHP, Rabies, Bordatella, a monthly heart worm and flea/tick preventative
  • All dogs be spayed/neutered by the age of 8 months
  • Our Bunkhouse is fully equipped with couches, love seats, beds, and blankets. Please do not send beds, blankets, or toys from home.

Cancelation Policy

  • We require a 24-hr cancelation notice for Camp. Non-comliance will result in a full Camp charge. Bunkhouse reservations during holiday times require 50% prepayment, with no refund upon cancelation of the reservation. Non-holiday Bunkhouse reservations require a minimum of 72-hour notice, and are subject to (50% of total stay) cancelation fee.


  • We love having visitors at the Run! farm property in Vernonia, and you are welcome to bring your dog! If you’d like to visit, please call ahead to schedule a weekday morning appointment and download the visitors agreement below. Send the filled out form to: erica@daycampfordogs.com

Visitors Agreement

Do I need to send food with my dog for day camp?

  • No. If your dog has special dietary needs, we are a happy to provide lunch with the food you provide in a sealable plastic bag. Please measure out an appropriate amount for the length of your dog’s stay.

Do I need to give you a leash?

  • No, we have plenty!

Will my dog get cold?

  • The program is based on constant movement and that alone keeps most dogs warm. The shuttles are climate-controlled to keep the rides at a comfortable temperature. We advise owners of short hair or other temperature sensitive dogs to supply a jacket on cold days.

Do dogs ever run away?

  • Pack mentality is a big thing with dogs and their natural instinct is to stay together. For extra safety, all “off-leash” areas on the Run! farm are fenced.

Do the dogs all get along?

  • Yes, and socialization within the pack is a big part of the Run! experience. Dogs (like people) do have moody days sometimes, and our handlers are always around to supervise. We will drop a dog from the program for continued bad behavior.

Will my dog stay hydrated?

  • Yes, they will always have access to fresh water at designated water stations and the property also has seasonal fresh water creeks.

Does my dog come home clean?

  • Yes, at the end of the day all dogs are rinsed, towel dried, and brushed as needed.

Do you accept puppies?

  • Yes. Pack socialization is particularly meaningful for young dogs and puppies. In order to remain part of the pack, puppies must be neutered/spayed by the age of 8 months and be up to date on all required vaccines.

Do I have to pay up front for your service?

  • We bill weekly via merchant services, and you get an emailed receipt from us. (Go to Programs page for application form for merchant services).

How late can I book day camp?

  • Established clients can email us prior to 7am the day you need to use Run!. We will confirm with you either way. Providing we have available space, we will be there to pick-up your dog. Please note our 24-hour cancelation policy.

Are there cars nearby?

  • No. The only way to access our farm is through a private road. We have taken every security measure with fencing to ensure everyone stays far away from any roadways.

Does my dog need to wear a collar?

  • Yes, and the collar must fit properly and have ID tags with contact information. We love martingale collars. We highly recommend micro-chipping as well.

Can my Pit Bull come to camp?

  • No. We cannot accept pure bred Pit Bulls or any of the bully breeds nor Rottweilers. This policy is about insurance liability. This is not an indictment against your dog, who is probably very sweet and undeserving of the controversy associated with these breeds.

What time is pick up and what time is drop off?

  • Pick up is between 7:00 AM and 9:00 AM. Drop off is between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM. Shuttle meeting times and locations

What should I pack for my dog's stay?

  • Food and/or treats, stored in a sealable, plastic zip lock bag with your dog’s name on it. Please measure out an appropriate amount of food for the length of your dog’s stay. Do not send cups, bowls, food bins, toys, beds, or blankets as we cannot guarantee them coming back intact. Besides, we have plenty. We cannot accept anything in glass on board the Run! shuttle for obvious safety reasons. Food Improperly bagged will be re-bagged by us and a re-bagging fee will apply. breeds.

Where will my dog sleep?

  • In our Bunkhouse, where we offer all the comforts of a living room with couches, love seats, dog beds, and cozy blankets for everyone’s comfort. We do offer crate options if needed.

Can you administer medication?

  • Yes, having a limited number of dogs in the bunkhouse allows us to be attentive to medication needs.

How many times a day will my dog eat?

  • We serve meals twice daily. If special feeding is needed, we can discuss this on a client by client basis

Is the bunkhouse heated?

  • Yes we keep it at a comfortable 70 degrees.

Do you pick up and drop off on weekends?

  • No. You can make an appointment to pick up or drop off your pal prior to 10 AM on Saturdays. Sundays we are completely closed to pick up and drop off at the facility. The Run! property includes our home, so please call ahead to schedule and give us a courtesy call if your arrival time changes.

What does my dog do all day?

  • During the day they have regular Camp, which means lots of time hiking and running with the pack in our 24-acres (over a million square feet) contained forest. In the evening they have an indoor, luxurious ‘living room’ and other Bunkhouse clients to play with. There are plenty of comfy couches, dog beds, and blankets to lounge and rest. They can also enjoy soft music from our stereo system, blue-blocking lights in the evenings, and unlimited love and attention from us.

How much food should I pack and how should it be packed?

  • Pack the normal meals your dog gets for how many times a day they are fed. All food should be in a sealable plastic zip lock bag with your dogs name on it. Please avoid Tupperware and other bulky containers, as we cannot guarantee that they will come back intact and it creates space issues in the shuttle. Food in an improper container has to be re-bagged by our drivers and will be subject to a $5 re-bagging fee.